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She's fought her way to the top.

Thirty-eight-year-old Stella Abbot—comedienne, actress, and connoisseur of drive-thru Mexican food—has finally clawed her way to the top of Hollywood's A-list. But her star burned too bright for the men in her past, and she's sworn off relationships, complications, and above all…actors.

He's rocketed to stardom.

Twenty-three-year-old Seth McKinnon—singer/songwriter/actor, winner of America's favorite talent show, and legit Texas cowboy—is an overnight success struggling not to flame out. His personal life comes with a six-year-old, a gold-digging ex…and a raging crush on his luscious new costar.

Fame and fortune come with a price...

She thinks they're too different. He thinks opposites attract. But the world is watching—and judging—their every move. In Hollywood, appearances are more important than reality. And everyone has a hidden agenda.

Can the Funny Girl and It Boy combine their star power and live happily ever after? Or will the bright lights of Tinseltown blind them to what's right in front of them?


Coming Fall 2023!

Vegas Lights

She’s trying to rebuild her life.

From child star to Hollywood superstar to scandal and rehab . . .

Lily Montgomery has never been able to trust anyone, not even herself. In a world where tabloid coverage is currency, no one is worth more. But she’s tired of being the perpetual Queen of Scandal and longs for someone to see the girl behind the glamour . . . even if just for a moment.

He’s trying to keep his life together.

West Abbot has his life neatly laid out: finish college and help his dad turn Reverie into the most luxurious boutique casino in the world. Never mind that it’s not the life he wants. His dad has sacrificed everything for Reverie and West would sacrifice anything for his dad. But he’s tired of being the perpetual good son who puts his hopes and dreams on hold and wonders what it would be like to take the path less traveled . . . even if just for a moment.

Finding each other wasn’t part of the plan.

Lily wonders if she can trust this steady, honest man.

West hopes he can ease the hurt in this fragile, but unbroken, woman.

In Sin City, you have two choices:

Quit while you’re ahead

or . . .

Gamble hard and go all-in.

Who’s ready to roll the dice on love?






Meet Jen

Jennifer Ortiz lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, three kids, two Boxers (Cash and Kylo) and one Great Dane (Finn). Her lifelong dream is to buy a farm and rescue all the animals or to buy a beachfront property and live her days in luxury. Until then, she works a full-time job, runs her kids all over creation, volunteers in her community, and tries (and fails) to maintain a semblance of order in the chaos that is her house.

She has a bachelor's degree in writing and is finishing a Master's degree in communications. Jen is an author of romance novels of varying genres, who believes in boys with big hearts and girls with big mouths. Life and love isn't always easy or happy but she still believes in Happily Ever After. Eventually.